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Grammar section: Reported questions & Time/place changes

Esta semana desde la academia de inglés Bilbao school te explicamos la forma gramatical «Reported questions & Time/place changes» y te damos unos ejercicios para completar.



Reported questions are used when we report what people have asked.

We use the same rules for Reported Questions as we do for Reported Speech.

a) Are you a doctor?                        – He asked if I am/was a doctor. (I am still a doctor)

b) When is your appointment?     – He asked me when my appointment was.


In a reported question the subject comes before the verb as it would in an indirect question and a positive sentence. When the direct question requires a yes/no answer, we use if/whether after asked, however if it uses a question word, we repeat the question word. It is the same as in indirect question forms.


Reported Speech: Time and Place Changes


Direct Speech                                        Reported Speech

Here                                                               –        There

Now/at the moment                                   –        Then/ at that moment

Tomorrow                                                     –        The next/following day

Tonight                                                          –        That night

Next week/month                                       –        The following week/month

Next year                                                       –        The following year

Yesterday                                                       –        The day before/the previous day

Last week/month                                         –        The week/month before.

                                                                                   The previous week/month

Last year                                                        –        The year before. The previous year

Ago                                                                 –        Before/previously


The only exception is that we do not need to make time changes if the information is still true.

c) “We are going to England at the end of the year”

She said they are/were going to England at the end of the year.


Reported requests

For reported requests, we use sub + ask me + to + infinitive


Direct Speech                                                                                Reported speech

‘Could you close the window please?’                                She asked me to close the window.

‘Please stop shouting.’                                                          She asked me to stop shouting.

For a negative request we use ‘not to’


Direct Speech                                                                                Reported speech

Please don’t make so much noise.                                 They were asked not to make so much noise.

Please don’t interrupt me.                                                    He asked her not to interrupt him.


Exercise 1.- Grammar


Complete each sentence with one or two words.


a) I apologised ______________ him _____________dropping his coffee on the floor.
b) We begged them to ___________________(tell) us what happened.
c) He claimed not ___________________(be)
d) The writer stated ___________________the work was his own.
e) I suggested___________________(go) to the beach for a walk.
f) We refused ___________________(buy) the car because it didn’t have an engine.
g) Our teacher ___________________(tell) us to be quiet during the exam.
h) I ordered him ___________________(remove) his shoes.


Accede mediante el siguiente enlace a la explicación gramatical del mes pasado sobre «Reported speech».

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