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Esta semana desde la Academia Inglés Bilbao School te explicamos la forma gramatical “Wishes” y te damos unos ejercicios para completar.



We use wish to refer to expresses a desire for a situation that doesn’t exist now. It’s used for things which are impossible or very unlikely. If you want to express a desire about the future, we use hope instead of wish.


There are five wish forms in the English language.

Wish + past simple

This is for wishes about the past, present or future, or just generally.


a)I wish I had purple eyes.

Wish + past perfect

This form shows regret for past actions that did or did not happen.


b)I wish I hadn’t bought this dress.


Wish + would

This is a form that allows you to show that you do not like or disapprove of other people’s behaviour. It allows you to criticise or complain about something.


c)I wish you wouldn’t drink so much alcohol! It’s bad for your health.

*NOTE It is INCORRECT to say ‘I wish I would’.


Wish + could

It is not possible to say ‘I wish I would…’, but it is possible to say ‘I wish I could…’. Use this form to express a hypothetical situation about the present or future.


d)I wish I could wear my old clothes again, but I’ve put on so much weight.


Wish + infinitive

This is a very formal style, which we don’t use very often.


e)I wish to travel first class. Are there any seats available?


Exercise 1.- Grammar


Complete the sentence with the word in brackets


a)I wish you _____________ (be)  Your room is always messy.

b)I wish I _____________ (buy) that Ferrari last year. It is very expensive to maintain.


c)I wish you would _____________ (listen) to me. I always have to repeat myself.


d)He wishes he _____________(not say) that to her. She hasn’t stopped crying for days.


e)My mother wishes she ____________ (have) more children now that we have grown up!


f)I wish you _____________ (leave) your clothes on the bathroom floor.


g)I wish I _____________ (have) straight hair. These curls are difficult to manage.

I wish I _____________ (study) more at school. Then I might have gone to university and had a better job today.


Accede mediante el siguiente enlace a la explicación gramatical del mes pasado sobre “Participle clauses

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