Esta semana desde la Academia Inglés Bilbao School te explicamos las formas gramaticales de los “Contrast Linkers” y te damos unos ejercicios para completar.




BUT is the most used contrast linker in English. It is neither formal nor informal, but is quite neutral. There are times when other contrast linkers should be used. Either to be more precise, or to avoid repetition. These other contrast linkers need different sentence structure.


To show contrast, you can use Although/ Even Though/ Though/ However/ Nevertheless/ While/ Whereas/ Despite/ In spite of.


Although/Even Though/Though


These are quite neutral. Use them at the start of one sentence with a comma after it.



Form: although/even though/though + sb + verb, sb + verb.


a) Although it was a sunny day, the wind was a bit cold.


b) Even though it was raining, we went out.


c) Though it was snowing, we went for a walk.



However/ Nevertheless


However is formal, and Nevertheless is more formal. We need to use them after the full stop of a main sentence, with a comma immediately after it.



Form: sb + verb + ob. However/Nevertheless, sb + verb + ob.


d) Your exam results were good. However, I would like you to do better.


e) Class systems are not respected as much as they used to be. Nevertheless, most British people hold their Royal Family in high regard.





These contrast linkers have two subjects, which means they describe two different things.



Form: sb + verb + ob, while/whereas sb + verb + ob.


f) My brother loves playing sport, while I love reading and writing.


g) My mother is good at explaining science to me, whereas my father is better at explaining history to me.



Despite/In spite of


Form: Despite/In spite of + -ing + ob, sb +verb + ob.


h) Despite being a doctor, he smokes 20 cigarettes a day!


i) In spite of doing exercise twice a week, she is not very slim.



Exercise 1.- Grammar


Select the best option for each sentence. Both may be correct in some sentences


a) Even Though/Despite I am not feeling well, I’m going to go to work.


b) Despite/Although living alone, I never feel lonely.


c) However/Though I don’t play any musical instruments, I love music.


d) My education was very expensive. However/Although, I make more money because of it.


e) Even though/Although I studied a lot, I still failed the exam.


f) Understanding a culture helps to reduce misunderstandings. Nevertheless/However, there are times a misunderstanding will still occur.


g) In spite of/Although his bad temper, he was a very kind person deep inside.


h) In spite/ Despite being exhausted, he continued working.


Accede mediante el siguiente enlace a la explicación gramatical del mes pasado sobre «Wishes«.

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