Verbs patterns – Change of meaning

There are a few verbs that take both the infinitive and the ing form


Remember – ing

This is a memory you have of the past.

  1. a)I remember going to school for the first time.

Remember – infinitive

This is an action you will do after you remember.

  1. b)I must remember to buy milk on the way home.


Forget – ing

This is an action you did in the past that you don’t remember doing.

  1. c)Look there’s Marjorie in the photo! I forgot seeing her at the wedding.

Forget – infinitive

This is an action that you didn’t remember to do that you wanted to do.

  1. d)I often forget to buy milk on the way home, so I have to go back to the shop in the evening.

Start – ing

This is an action that you started and have been successful doing.

  1. e)I’ve started doing  It is so relaxing.


Start – infinitive

This is an action you started, but stopped doing.

  1. f)I started to do my homework, but then I realised that I didn’t understand a thing and couldn’t do it.


Stop – ing

This describes the action that you stop.

  1. g)I have finally stopped smoking!

Stop – infinitive

This is when you interrupt one action to start another. It explains why you stop.

  1. h)I stopped to buy milk on the way home.

Try – ing

This is a suggestion. It is when you do something as an experiment to see if it works.

  1. i)I tried using a different charger for my phone, and it worked!


Try – infinitive

This means making an effort or at an attempt to do or achieve something, there is a chance you may fail.

  1. j)I want to try to make this recipe tonight.


Like – infinitive

Use this form to show that it is a habit for you to do this.

  1. k)I like to think carefully before I make a big decision.


Like – ing

This means to enjoy

  1. l)I like waking up slowly in the morning


Exercise 1.- Grammar

Adapt each word in brackets to make a verb pattern

  1. a)I like _______________(wake up) early in the morning.
  1. b)I really like _______________(eat) ice cream.
  1. c)If you drop your phone in water, try _____________(put) it in rice to absorb the water.
  1. d)He stopped _______________(buy) water for the road trip.
  1. e)She forgot _______________(get) pet food on the way home.
  1. f)He always remembers _______________(send) her a birthday card.
  1. g)My grandmother usually tries ___________(make) me eat the food she can’t finish!

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