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Grammar section: Reported speech

Esta semana desde la academia de inglés Bilbao school te explicamos la forma gramatical «Reported speech» y te damos unos ejercicios para completar.

Reported speech

Reported Speech is used to report information that we see, hear or are told.

The reported speech is to shift everything back by one tense to show that it is being reported, even if what the person says is already in the past. By changing the tense, we show that we are using reported speech.


I live in London – She said she lived in London.


The only times we do not shift the tense back is when we report scientific facts or if what we are reporting is still true.


The sun rises in the east – He said the sun rises in the east.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow – She said that she is going to the doctor tomorrow.


Tense Changes

Direct speech –          Reported speech
Present simple –          Past simple
Present continuous –          Past continuous
Present Perfect –          Past Perfect
Present perfect continuous –          Past Perfect continuous
Past Simple –          Past Perfect simple
Past continuous –          Past Perfect Continuous
Past perfect simple –          Past Perfect simple (*no tense change)
Past perfect continuous –          Past Perfect continuous (*no tense change)
Will –          Would
Can –          Could
Must/Have to –          Had to
May –          Might



Pronoun/determiner Changes

Direct speech –          Reported Speech
My –          his/her
This/that + noun –          the/that
This/that + verb –          it
These/those + noun –          the/those
These/Those + verb –          they
Verb + these/those –          them


Exercise 1.- Grammar

Change these direct quotations into reported speech.


“You can drive my car” my mother said.




“Your exam results will be released next Friday,” they said.




“You have to stop smoking,” my father said.




My father said, “He needs to do more exercise.”




“Are you going to the gym?” my friend asked.




“Is he going to London?” she asked.




“Are you taking the FCE exam next month?”my teacher asked,




h)“Where is your handbag?” my friend asked.




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