Esta semana desde la Academia Inglés Bilbao School te explicamos la forma gramatical “Unreal tense usage” y te damos unos ejercicios para completar.



Other than using the past tenses to talk about the real past, we use them to show that we think something is hypothetical/unreal, and to be polite.


We do this in:

The second Conditional – If I were you, I would study something else.

Wishes – I wish I had green eyes

Polite Questions – Could you help me please?


If Only

This form has the exact same structure as the wish forms.

If only + past simple

a) If only I had purple eyes.

b) If only we could speak English.


If Only + past perfect

c) If only I hadn’t had that first cigarette.

d) If only I had saved my money I could have bought that car.


If Only + Would

e) If Only he would cut his awful hair!



We use this to imagine if things were different.

f) Suppose/Imagine I won the lottery. How different would my life be?


What if

You can use the present or past tense with What If. The difference is that by using the present tense, you show that something is likely to happen.

Using the past tense shows that you think it is less likely to happen.

g) What if you win the lottery?

h) What if you won the lottery?


Exercise 1.- Grammar

Correct the mistakes

a) If only I would go with you to London.                     __________________

b) If only my mother stopped smoking.                         __________________

c) If only she had go in that car.                                       __________________

d) If only I am having long black hair.                            __________________

e) If only he will cut his nails. They look terrible!         __________________

f) If only I wouldn’t be late for work every day.             __________________

g) If only I had be born in the UK.                                    __________________

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