Esta semana desde la Academia Inglés Bilbao School te explicamos las formas gramaticales de las “Question Tags” y te damos unos ejercicios para completar.




A question tag is simply an auxiliary verb, the subject and a ? at the end of an affirmative sentence.


a)  You were in Anchorage, weren’t you?

b)  He has two dogs, doesn’t he?



In English, we use question tags to check that something is true or to ask if someone agrees with us.  Ending a sentence with yes? or no? is not correct and not natural.  We often end sentences with a question tag and we can end positive sentences with right? If they are positive



When we think something is true, the question tag is negative and when we think something is false, the question tag is positive.


c)  Your family went to Hawaii last summer, didn’t they?

d)  You don’t have any brothers or sisters, do you?

e)  They can understand what we are saying, can’t they?



In sentences with I am we use the question tag aren’t I? or the more formal am I not?.  But in sentences with I am not we use am I?.


f)  I am your favourite student, aren’t I?

g)  I am not late, am I?


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