Ejercicios inglés: C1



Match the idiom to its meaning



  1. Across the Board                             
  2. Behind someone’s back
  3. Cup of tea
  4. Different as chalk and cheese
  5. Eyes in the back of your head
  6. Forty winks
  7. Gain ground
  8. Have your hands full
  9. In the running
  10. Keep your word
  11. Lose your temper
  12. Month of Sundays



  1. a) See everything
  2. b) Having a chance
  3. c) A very long time
  4. d) Very busy
  5. e) Keep a promise
  6. f) Become/get angry
  7. g) A short sleep
  8. h) Completely different
  9. i) Something that you like
  10. j) Secretly, without knowing

k)Without exception

  1. l) Make progress, advance





Fill in the gaps using one of the adjectives. (lazy, polite, moody, chatty, kind, mean, clever, honest).


  1. Ane is very …….…….. she’s always on her phone.
  2. My youngest sister is really…………., she never fails her exams.
  3. Maria is so ……..…. all she does is lay on the sofa and watch T.V.
  4. The nurses in the hospital were very …………, nothing was too much for them.
  5. British people in general are ……..……., but then manners don’t cost anything.
  6. My boss is very …….…….., she says  that telling the truth is the best policy.
  7. Scottish people have a reputation for being ………..…, however, the ones I know are the complete opposite.
  8. Dealing with ………..….. people is really complicated, you never know what to expect.






  1. Our company needs to ______________   _________   3 new members of staff.
  2. Being as her mortgage was so expensive and she had a spare bedroom, Maria ____________  _________ a lodger.
  3. Most people agree that paperwork _______________   _______ too much of doctor time.
  4. I’ve been thinking of ______________   _________  a new winter sport, but I just can’t decide which one.
  5. The captain said the plane would ____________________    _________ late due to a mechanical problem.
  6. The policeman ___________________   ___________ the names of the witnesses to the accident.
  7. To _____________    ___________ is a phrasal verb meaning to subtract.
  8. Students are encouraged to _______________     _________ notes during his lectures.




  1. Students should ______________    _________ their hands whenever they have a question for the teacher.
  2. I think if we want to finish his job by Friday we will need to ___________    ________ a few hours overtime.
  3. We had to ____________    _________ our holidays owing to the amount of work.
  4. The meeting was _____________    __________ at the last minute as our manager was ill.
  5. If you can __________________     _________  20€ a week for the next 6 months, I should have enough to pay a deposit on a new car.
  6. During the summer months firemen had to _______________   ____________  over 10  forest fires.




  1. Whenever there is a problem Janet always seems able to _______________  ___________   _____________ a solution.
  2. After the death of his grandparents Alex ________________   __________ a substantial amount of money.
  3. The substitute _________________  ___________ in the last minute and scored the winning goal.
  4. John told me his parents were _________________   ______________- for dinner on Sunday.





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