Countable & Uncountable Nouns

Nouns in English are gender neutral. That means they are not masculine or feminine. We have two types of nouns: Countable and Uncountable.

Countable nouns are either singular or plural. If they are singular, you can count them, and you use an indefinite article with them. You can also use the definite article.

a) I bought an apple at the shop. The apple was red.

If the singular noun becomes plural, you add an S or ES to the ending.

b) The apple I bought was so good that I went back to buy more apples.

There are some nouns that are always plural, like clothes, scissors, jeans, trousers, sunglasses and spectacles. You always use them with the plural form of the verb.

c) Where are my sunglasses?

Uncountable nouns are either too small to be counted, like sand at the beach, or liquids, like water and wine. Ideas are also uncountable. E.g. Knowledge. Information. Technology.

Common uncountable nouns are: coffee, furniture, money, news, work, advice, accommodation, hair and glass.

d) I loved playing in the sand on the beach when I was a child.

e) She reads a lot. She has more knowledge than anyone else I know.

As English has become an international language, many mistakes are becoming very common. You might see the word technologies, for example, meaning many types of technology.


Exercise 1:

 Find and correct the mistakes in these sentences:

a) I have much technologies at home.

b) My brother is a doctor, so he has many informations about the human body. a lot of information

c) Yes, of course I can help you. I have little time. a little

d) Can you help me? I have a sand in my eye.

e) I need a black pens for work. Do you have one for me?

f) There are a little oranges in stock. We will have more tomorrow. a few

g) A little people understand how to write computer programs. few

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