Comparative & Superlative Adverbs

comparative adverb is to compare actions that are different.

superlative is used to compare one action of a group to all the others.

To make a comparative or superlative of an adverb, we must first see if it is a regular or irregular adverb.

Regular adverbs end in -ly, eg. Slowly. To make a comparative adverb, we use more/less + adverb. (more slowly).

a) I may work more slowly than other people, but I am careful.

To make a superlative adverb, you use most/least before it.

b) This is the most quietly I have ever heard you speak. Why are you whispering?

Irregular adverbs have the following forms:

Badly worse worst

Early earlier earliest

Far farther/further farthest/furthest


Exercise 1

 Correct the mistakes in these sentences.

a) He walked as fastly as he could.

b) Could you talk quitter please?

c) The wind was blowing hardly, so we stayed at home.

d) Because it was raining heavy, we took an umbrella

e) The school was closed even though it was snowing soft.

f) He played the guitar very good, so he joined a band.

g) Could you drive more slowlyier please? I get scared!

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